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Our Story

Then Until Now

So, this guy walks into a bar

He sees the love of his life.

She gives him a fake name...

But that doesn’t stop him. They have a meal (or two) and she moves across the country with him.

She Said Yes!

a long time ago...

An amazing wedding day makes it official.

Let's Try Pets

They are good practice for kids...

Pets join the family (dogs, rabbits, lizards, spiders, bugs, worms…)

Travel the World

Desert, East Coast, Europe, West Coast...still going

A trip back across the country and then eventually across the world.

Ready for Children

These rascals are such a blessing!

A child arrives on the scene and then they all go back across the globe again. Then another kid…then another…

There's so much more to the story

and the little adventures throughout the journey are the best of all...