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As some of you already know we love traveling with our little RV. Like all methods of travel there are times where things get a little challenging. On a recent trip we found ourselves hitting the road a little later than normal. No worries, we’ll just park in the dark – right? I mean, cars have headlights and taillights. If that doesn’t work we have flashlights and phones. It shouldn’t be that hard right?

The good news, is that it isn’t! But we learned a few things in the process.

Top tips for parking an RV in the dark:

  • Have a buddy. While the backup cameras might work, it just gets hectic in the dark.
  • Remember that lights attract bugs. You might notice your ground guide doing the normal back up…little left..little right…a little more back….stop signals. but when you see random arm waiving just pause. The mosquitos are probably attacking her!
  • Be patient and be willing to give it a couple of tries!
  • Roll the windows down to listen.
  • Turn on the cell phone and listen for those moments where things get dark.
  • Remember to thank your ground guide. And when appropriate, give her a kiss!