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This past week, we celebrated Owen as he turned three years young! I love birthdays (and holidays in general), so I love to plan and prepare things to make Brad and the kids feel extra special on their day. This past week was no different. Owen’s special day was dedicated to him having fun and feeling loved.

The morning of his birthday, I waited intently for him to wake. I had not felt well for several days due to a severe case of vertigo, so I had planned to treat the kids to breakfast out that morning. I already had decorations up and was so excited when he came down to see them. Everyone else was already awake, so we all gave him a warm “Happy birthday, Owen!”. He wore such a big smile on his face–so happy to be recognized and to see decorations up in his honor.

After picking up some breakfast at our local Albertson’s Market Street, we headed to one of our favorite local parks. We ate and played. I had strategically left around noon so that the two littles could nap in the car on the way home–it worked. Although we are working on eliminating naptime for Owen, some days I have to work one in for him. This was one of those days. After a short nap and some lunch, it was time to head out for the real birthday surprise…a tour of the local fire station! I had called two weeks before to schedule us for a personal tour of Eagle Fire Station #1. Owen loves fire trucks, and everything related, so this was quite a treat.

Our tour of the station was ah-maz-ing! We were greeted by several handsome, ahem, professional-looking fireman who were so generous in showing us everything about the station. The boys got to sit in several fire trucks, they were also shown several different tools and devices. One big piece of equipment was “the jaws of life”. Nathan and Owen were both supervised as they used the 50 lb tool to cut various things. Next, they turned on a hose connected to a pumper truck and guided the boys as they sprayed it. This was probably the highlight for both of them! We then got the tour of the living quarters. We saw the lounge area, kitchen, gym and some of the individual rooms that the firefighters sleep in. Lastly, we met Sherrif Aaron. He gave out some stickers and invited the boys to sit in his vehicle. He turned on the sirens and the boys just loved it.

It was so impressive seeing all the different facets of the job and how well these men work together. We all left with such an appreciation for the men we met and for the job they do to keep our communities safe.

The tour left the boys quite hungry for cake, so we headed home for the grand birthday finale. Emilia fell asleep on the way home, so Brad, Nathan and I joyfully sang “happy birthday” to Owen as he blew out his three candles. It was the sweetest ending to a very special day for a very special little boy.