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We’ve been in the Portland area about 2.5 years now…that means it’s time to move again! If you know Brad and me, then you know we don’t stay in one place for a particularly long time. Although we do enjoy the adventure of living in a new place and embrace the change that accompanies it, this move was pretty much planned before we even left Germany. You can read about why Portland, OR isn’t a good fit for our family here.

Our townhome was posted for sale today. We bought it last year with the intent to rent it out after a year. Now that we have decided to leave the area, we have decided to leave it behind too. Hoping it sells quickly…

Leaving Portland, OR

Where to now? Eastward. We have our sights set on Idaho. Why Idaho? Why not Idaho?

Idaho: An Aerial Experience from Andrew Garcia on Vimeo.

Beautiful, right? We are really looking forward to the move! More to come…