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This past weekend, we had some crazy high winds in our area. Well, that gave us the great idea to head out and fly some kites. You can probably already imagine how that went…

Saturday seemed like a good day for kite flying. The temperature outside was unusually pleasant and although the sky was overcast, the day was dry. Looking for the perfect outdoor activity, I quickly thought of the kites I had purchased last summer. While Nate and Brad threw the frisbee in the front yard, I quickly assembled what seemed like the easiest, most straight forward of the kites–a diamond with a pirate on it.

Brad looked it over, disassembled it slightly so we could safely get it up to a clearing just up the hill from our house. Upon arrival, it was evident just how strong the wind was blowing. But that’s what kites are made for, right? Well…I manned the line, while Brad guided the kite. Up a couple of feet and then crash. Retry. Up a couple of feet and then crash. After several attempts of this and tweaking the line and rods all while a three year old shouted, “It’s my turn, let me have a turn!”, Brad determined that the kite was a dud. Yes. There was something technically wrong with the kite. So, we packed up and headed back down the hill. We weren’t giving up though. We were going to fly a kite!

Back home, Nate and Brad put together the remaining kites–a box kite and a stunt kite with flames. As we headed out the door, Brad ask,”Nathan, which kite do you want to fly?” “That one!”, as he pointed to the obvious choice (the one with flames-duh!). Back up the hill we went. It was really late in the day at this point and we were losing precious light. This time, Brad would man the line. This kite was gonna do the unthinkable and had not one, but two handles. With kite in hand, I held it up…into the wind it went…and even faster it came down. More tweaking was needed. I then took the line and out of nowhere a hurricane-like wind grabbed the kite, took it up and then slammed it into a tree. True story. But a tree? Really? Yeah, there were a couple of small ones in this field, but that was all part of the challenge. Besides, the kite wasn’t supposed to be drawn to those.

After several more attempts to control this seemingly uncontrollable kite, we did get it up in air. It flew for a very short time, but we spent way more time reeling in the line and adjusting it after its many crashes. Lesson learned: flying a kite is a science. Research a bit about the type of kite you are flying and the wind conditions it requires before attempting to fly. Regardless of our naiveness, we had a lot of fun messing around with these kites.  We knew our conditions and location were not optimal even before we started, but that was all part of the fun. We are already looking forward to the next opportunity to fly and for National Kite Flying Month in April! Yippee!!!