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Since Nathan didn’t have to return to school until Wednesday this past week, that gave us two whole days to goof off together. Fortunately, one of those days was filled with bright, beautiful, vitamin D filled, mood boosting, I want to sing Hallelujah! sunshine. So, we couldn’t help but engage in one of our favorite activities…touring around our town of Eltville.

We set out mid-morning eager to embrace the sun and something yummy from the bakery. A hot cappuccino for mum and a nut-filled pastry of sorts for Nate was just what we needed on such a cold morning. We took in the views of a major worksite while we indulged. Nate loves Bob the Builder and, therefore, anything building related. Being that the bakery is right beside the worksite, he we can never just walk by without stopping.

Our next stop was the Rhein, where we had to check in on the ducks. As we approached, Nate quickly scanned the area for swans (his nemesis). No angry birds on this day. He fed the ducks the usual and we were on our way. We walked alongside the river, watching it come to life with people, wildlife and boats. When we had the tallest structure in Eltville within our sights, we headed toward it. Saint Peter und Paul Kirche, is the church that hosts Nathan’s Kindergarten. We decided we would visit the church on this day, while it was still decorated for Christmas. It was, of course, beautiful as expected (as if I’ve ever seen an ugly church, especially one decorated for Christmas) and Nathan did a great job behaving as he should. He even engaged in prayer with me as we sat in one of the pews. It was such a special moment with him that it made me want to cry.

The last of our stops involved shopping. We picked up some veggies and a beautiful bouquet of roses at the market. We also gathered some crafting supplies at the Euro store. I learned that just because an item is on a rack that says “1 euro” does not mean it is one euro. It means the price starts at one euro. This disappointing lesson meant a second walk down to the same store later in the afternoon with Brad to pick up some Cars hausschuhe (house shoes) for Nate (since I was a mere two euros short at this visit). I did manage to score a nifty hole punch. This ended up being the find of the year (yes, I realize the year just started). Nathan loves The Polar Express story and we pretend play that he is the conductor. Well, now that he has the necessary hole punch, he can accurately perform his job.

Here are some pictures from this beautiful, once in a while kind of sunny day…