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Do you ever go bowling? For us, it is something we do after a long period of time has passed only to ask ourselves, “Why don’t we do this more often?”. Bowling truly is a fun activity and it turns out that it is even more fun when a little person is involved.

On Christmas Eve, Brad and I took Nathan to our local bowling center on base. This was Nathan’s first time bowling and, wow, what an adventure it was! When we began, Brad intended for all three of us to bowl at least one game. Well, it turn out that Nathan would bowl for the three of us for an entire game. If you think about, that is quite an impressive feat for a little guy. That means he carried a six pound bowling ball back and forth for 60 turns (3 people, 2 turns per frame, 10 frames each)!!! Nate had so much fun that he obviously did not realize the amount of work that he was completing. Soon after the game was over, Nathan had pretty much stopped blinking and wanted to be carried. He was exhausted. I think it took him about five minutes into the ride home to fall asleep. This was such a great activity for us as a family. And really inexpensive! I can foresee this becoming an after school activity for us on one of our cold, rainy afternoons.