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Cabin fever. It is something we have been feeling lately here in Germany. Cold, rainy days paired with our geriatric dog (who can’t be left alone for very long) have had us longing for the days when we could just head outdoors and explore. Well, this past weekend offered some opportunities for us to do just that and it was exhilarating!

It is really common for us to see castles pretty much everywhere we go. We are in Germany after all. Each time we see one, Nathan expresses how he would like to visit a castle. So, the day after Christmas, Brad and I took Nathan to see a castle. It wasn’t just any castle though. We would go big or just stay home. We decided on the well-known, Schloss Heidelberg, located about an hour south of our home. Although we ended up getting rained on (despite the weather report stating otherwise), the short trip was really enjoyable. The castle grounds and views are beautiful no matter the season. The three of us enjoyed the stroll, the fresh air and just being together.

Our second adventure of the weekend came on Saturday. Nate and I woke early to find beautiful, glorious snow falling gently to the ground. To say Nathan was excited is an understatement. He was bouncing off the walls as he waited for his turn to run wild in it. He was actually a really good sport about waiting and did so until about 1:00. The long wait was due to plans we had made to visit our neighbors for a traditional German breakfast. Their son is just one month younger than Nathan and the two have become beloved friends since our move to Eltville in 2012.

Saturday afternoon, as well as a good portion of Sunday, was dedicated to playing in the snow. We built snow people and Nathan helped Dad work on the sidewalks. He loved every minute of it. Well, except for when he ran outside without his jacket, hat and (most importantly) his gloves on. It didn’t take him long to start screaming crying as he held up his red hands in frozen pain. Rookie…