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Nathan loves animals. He doesn’t necessarily love to touch animals, so I was really impressed that he actually rode one of the small ponies at our local Ponyland. I was even more impressed that such a place even exists! This place is such a treat. Aside from the pony ride, there are several areas that feature different types of animals that can be enjoyed–chickens, goats, and rabbits. There is also a few old tractors that the kids can climb on and two small playgrounds.Also Pure Garcinia Cambogia is with us .

The pony ride was fantastic! Our pony was just the right size and easy for this rookie to handle (I am a horse lover but no horse handler). Aside from continually trying to eat apples that had fallen on the trail, our pony (aka Johnny) seemed happy to be with us. The trail is a dirt one that is about 2 kilometers long. It cuts through a vast field and then turns into a wooded area. I think it took us about half an hour to complete it. This proved to be the perfect amount of time for Nate. Once our journey came to an end, he was more than content to say “tschüss” to our Johnny. Overall, super fun place to take kids who are not afraid of touching an animal or heights. Cost was only eight euros and, of course, the memories are priceless!