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On Sundays, we will often take a stroll around our little German town of Eltville. If we are out early enough, we grab a gourmet coffee and some fresh bread from the bakery, feed the ducks and wonder by the Bahnhof so Nathan can get his train fix. If it’s late in day, we simply hang out at the Bahnhof to watch the trains and grab some tasty Chinese food. Last Sunday we headed out early as Brad was leaving out of town for the week. There was a light rain when we left the house, but we ventured out anyway. I am glad we did. Even though misty, it was a beautiful morning to be out. There were hardly any people on the streets, yet the bakery was pretty full. We ventured down by the river, watching the large barges go up and down–Nate really enjoys this.

We then walked down to the river’s edge to share our bread with the ducks. Nathan was having a good time and seemed to be taking pride in his job as duck feeder. As a flock of ducks began to make their way toward us, Nathan began to get a bit nervous. You see, he doesn’t exactly have a loving relationship with birds. For some reason, they like to torment him by getting too close or making loud noises at him. For this reason, he will literally tell me that he is scared of birds and is scared that they will bite his finger. Well, the next set of events only solidified this…we stood our ground there on the river ramp, throwing bread and talking about the behavior of the ducks and how everything was okay. Suddenly, a huge, white swan glided up and began to walk up the ramp toward us. We backed up a bit as this bird had no fear and swans are known to be aggressive. It seemed as if it would walk right up to us and take the bread out of our hands! Nathan was really nervous and jumpy at this point. The swan, only about a foot away, opened its mouth and hissed at us. Nathan ran in the opposite direction screaming and crying. Bless his heart…yet another terrifying attack by a bird!

Needless to say, we were done with that feeding session. I held my little one tight, handed my bread off to the lady beside me and we went to high ground to watch some of the smaller boats come in.