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Like many people, we were happy that our Independence Day fell on a Friday. That meant a long, three day weekend for our working dad. We were fortunate to spend the afternoon of the fourth, enjoying good food with some good friends here at our home. We enjoyed homemade grilled pizzas, courtesy of Brad’s awesome dough making and grilling abilities. Our guests brought some yummy bruschetta and a huge fruit salad with cinnamon and sugar chips. Everything was delicious and proved to please our small, “choosy” crowd (two toddlers and an elementary school-aged child). We ended the evening with some of my homemade, vegan chocolate coconut “ice cream”. We were without the traditional fireworks display, but have grown accustomed to that living here in Germany. Instead, we actually enjoyed watching some extravagant firework displays on YouTube (yes, sad, but true). They proved to be helpful as we teach┬áNathan about the home in our hearts, America.


The second celebration of the weekend was the Sektfest here in our town of Eltville. The Champagne Fest is held every summer and draws in a big crowd. The city claims that its goal is to make the fest “family friendly”, but it really is an event for those without children (it is a Champagne Fest after all! ). I think we saw one carousel and a man selling mylar balloons.┬áThere was, of course, more than enough vendors selling kid-friendly treats, but the focal point was the Champagne, wine and sparkling wine the region is known for. We did not indulge in any of the bubbly, but did enjoy yet another cultural experience here in the Rheingau Region of Deutschland.