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Every spring, Eltville bursts with hundreds of colorful, fragrant roses that are the focal point of the Eltviller Rosentage (Eltville Rose Day). According to the city of Eltville, there are over 350 varieties grown for display during the festival. Last weekend, we took the opportunity to venture downtown and partake in our local celebration.

The old town was bustling with street vendors selling everything from handmade jewelry and soaps to specialty items that featured the rose (rose oils, jellies, cocktails, etc.). Small carnival rides were available for young children, but we tried to avoid those (Nathan┬áhas a very difficult time getting off of the ride once it is over). Of course, there was also plenty of food choices–brats and beer, freshly baked items, schnitzel, sliced meats as well as various sweet treats. The highlight of the festival (for me) was viewing the beautiful roses grown around the Electoral Castle that stands boldly beside the Rhein River. The roses were a bit past their peak, but their sweet smell was amazing.