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When Brad and I chatted about where we wanted to vacation this summer, there was one place that we both agreed on–Austria. We had the opportunity to travel there last December and we absolutely fell in love with it. This trip, with summer in full bloom, had a beauty completely different from the snow-covered terrain we experienced during the wintry season…

Our trip began on a Saturday about mid-day. Of course, no matter how much we plan and prepare ahead of time, we always seem to get a late start to the vacay (good thing we weren’t flying). Within an hour of our drive, we did our usual stop for gas, a cappuccino and a bathroom break. We drove for about another hour and then pulled over for some lunch that I had packed for us. Lunch was pleasant. Nathan roamed around the car as Brad and I fueled up. I snapped a few pictures using Brad’s phone as I watched Nathan sit behind the wheel and pretend like he was driving. We quickly packed up and hit the Autobahn. Oh, and so did Brad’s phone. As we picked up speed to enter traffic, we heard something fly off the roof of the car. We both looked at each other and tried to determine what could have possibly made that noise. Brad asked if I had his phone (you know, the one I was taking pictures with). A terrible fear came over me and I then realized that nope, the Autobahn had it now. This is one of those really good examples of how distracted I get taking care of a toddler : ) After pulling over and searching to see if the phone was in the car, then driving back to see if there was any chance of recovering it (we didn’t see it or any fragments on or near the roadside), we had burned up an hour of driving time. Needless to say, we were bummed that the phone was gone. In this technology age, phones are personal and precious commodities. Brad was so gracious through it all. He actually tried to comfort me after the ordeal!

The rest of the drive was mostly peaceful. We enjoyed a scenic drive through the countryside and a beautiful sunset. As we approached our destination, it felt like we would NEVER arrive at our resort. The road zigged and zagged through mountains and valleys. Nathan was so antsy and fussy at that point, I thought he was going to jump out of his skin. We finally arrived after almost 6.5 hours of driving.

Even though Nathan kept us busy most days, we did find time to relax. We also enjoyed sharing the outdoors with one another and made a few day trips. Here are some highlights from our week…

Nathan enjoyed watching and listening to the water as we went on nature walks right by our hotel.  I love that he and Brad shared those moments together–enjoying and learning about nature. I hope that he will love and respect it as much as we do as he grows.

The highlight of our stay in Austria (for me) was visiting Salzburg. What an amazingly beautiful city. We had a beautiful day and were so impressed with the architecture and how clean the city was. I was also able to see several of the locations where The Sound of Music was filmed.

One of the locations from the film was in the beautiful city of Mondsee. We took a short trip there to visit the cathedral that Maria and Captain Van Trapp got married in. Mondsee was a quaint little town. We found a lovely park to play in and Nathan enjoyed watching the ducks swim around in the nearby lake. It was really hot that day, so we grabbed some ice cream before heading back to our hotel.

In spite of the unusually high temperatures, we really enjoyed our time in Austria. The scenery was breathtaking, the people were friendly, and the beer was good great! I think it will always be one of our favorite places.