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Camping is something that Brad and I have enjoyed doing throughout our almost 14 years of marriage. Now that we have Nathan, we have been waiting for the perfect time to introduce him to the great outdoors. This past summer seemed like that perfect time. So, we picked a destination, made a plan, packed a few things : ) and hit the open road for one great adventure…camping with a toddler! Since our last name means “from Switzerland”, we decided there would be no better place to go camping. We should be made for it, right?

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous on the days leading up to our departure. I am Nathan’s primary caregiver and I know the kind of curious, energetic, impulsive, and sometimes mischievous little boy that he can be. He is almost two years young after all. So, I spent those days (and nights) contemplating all of the different scenarios that could arise–what safety hazards there would be and how in the world we were going to keep him from wandering off without running ourselves ragged. There was also, as you can imagine, the sanitary measures that would have to be taken. Well, I finally gave up and decided the success of the trip depended on two things:
1) Fun
2) Safety
I wasn’t going to worry about Nathan eating dirt (a possibility), falling down (probably gonna happen), getting his hands and face filthy by picking up things he shouldn’t be (a definite) and/or running off to explore new and exciting things (would have bet money on it) because that’s what life is like with our toddler. As it turns out, Nathan was successful at all of those things and we still had a lot of fun. That’s not to say we weren’t exhausted by day 4 and ready to head home. Even Nathan was worn out–he slept the entire 4 1/2 hours back home! I guess that is a sign that the trip was a success!

During our stay, we camped in Jungfrau, which is part of the Swiss Alps. It was a strikingly beautiful area with several waterfalls, hiking trails, and a large camping area that offers cabins, areas for RVs and spots for those pitching a tent. Within Jungfrau, one will find a picturesque little Swiss town that offers all sorts of local shops. One can also take the gondola up the mountain to take in the views, hike some more, visit a spielplatz and grab a bite to eat. Our trip also included a day trip to Lucerne, Switzerland. Another beautiful Swiss city that was quite busy during the summer. Lucerne is best known for it’s wooden Chapel Bridge, which was built in the 14th century. Overall, we absolutely loved Switzerland. It is a very beautiful country that is extremely clean. The people were friendly and the weather was perfect. It is, however, an expensive country. Food, gas, souvenirs–everything cost significantly more than Germany and the other European countries that we have visited. Here are our favorite pictures from that trip…