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Our trip to Italy was quite an adventure. Note to travelers: It rains in October. We stayed dry in Rome, but the rest of our trip was quite a soggy mess. So much so, that we had to cancel a stop in Venice (they were in 5 extra feet of water!).

Rome, the capital of Italy, is amazing and an absolute must-see for anyone traveling to Italy. There are many things to do in Rome and a family could spend a week exploring new things every day. We only had a couple of days, but were armed with a plan that allowed us to view the city’s highlights and nfl picks 2014. Here is a list of what to do when in Rome…

Visit the…

  • Colosseo (The¬†Colosseum)
  • Arco di Costantino
  • Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II
  • Vatican City

Eats lots of…

  • pizza and gelato

And be sure to…

  • walk till you drop (this is really the best way to take in the city, driving is NOT recommended unless you are a professional)
  • mingle with the locals, but keep your money close (apparently there are some crafty pick-pockets in¬†Italy)

Before you plan your trip, spend some time researching your options — check out tripadvisor for some of the top sights to see in Rome.