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It is hard to believe we are almost in Nathan’s eleventh month of life (September 12)! As you can imagine, he is growing and learning so much. Brad and I feel so blessed by this little person. He amazes us each day with the little things he does. Here is a little bit about him…

Nathan is currently:

crawling (he is super fast–here one second, gone the next)

pulling up on everything and standing (can stand alone for 5-10 seconds at a time)

walking with the support of furniture (and dad)

able to eat much of what mom and dad eat (in small pieces of course)

imitating (facial expressions, sounds, movements)

able to recognize about 10 signs and can produce a couple of them (we are teaching him baby sign language)

actively engaging in play (he will roll a ball back, turn pages of a book, share things–he likes to try to feed mommy what he is eating)

helping with getting dressed (will put his arms into his shirts)

Nathan’s favorite things are:

bath time (he LOVES water)

his Jumparoo

sounds (being sung to, listening to music, listening to mommy play the guitar, funny noises from the mouth and from toys)

to bang on things (the boy loves noise)

shoes (yep, he’s got a fetish)

the vacuum cleaner

to eat (he is very interested in what mom and dad are eating)

our dog (he is so intrigued with the way Brandon moves, eats and the sounds he makes)

to ride (in the carseat, carrier or stroller–it puts him right to sleep)

to be tickled (he is very ticklish, especially around the neck)

to laugh and be laughed at (if we are smiling or laughing, he is too)

kids and people in general (he especially loves the ladies)

when dad comes home from work (he goes bananas with excitement)

Nathan’s favorite foods are…

banana porridge (a warm cereal)


Kinder Keks (little bland cookies that turn to mush quickly in a baby’s mouth)

avocado (he really likes it mashed with some rice or tiny alphabet pasta)

green grapes (cut into small pieces)

green peas

his bottle (he still really enjoys taking one–we are using an organic German formula)

Nathan physically has…

chick-like hair (it is fine, blonde and fuzzy soft)

blue eyes (still)

4 front teeth on top and 3 front teeth on bottom

chubby little feet

strong little arms

Here are some of our favorite pictures of him. It is amazing how much he has changed just in the past 9 months.