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Nathan Andrew Schweitzer has entered the world! Deanna and Baby are both doing great. Dad is still recovering from permanent smile damage but is expected to recover by the baby boy’s teen years….

Deanna was walking around snapping photos shortly after the baby was born. She had a walking epidural and did an AWESOME job while dad stood there working as a squeeze toy, scratching post and voice of encouragement…. (he did mediocre compared to her in this effort)

The midwife and hospital staff (baby and parents too) were obviously guided by God through all of your prayers. We really appreciate all of them — they worked!

As we arrived at the hospital, Deanna didn’t waste much time with all her walking, wiggling and working through the contractions. Just over 8 hours later she was done, smiling and staring at our amazing baby boy.

Here are the pictures:

More to follow after a little more baby holding time and maybe a little rest…