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On my birthday this year, Brad and I took a day trip to Koln (also known as Cologne). We headed out mid-morning and made the hour and half drive up from the Wiesbaden area. The day was dreary, but at least we were able to get in a few hours of sight seeing before the down pour began. 

The main attraction for us in this large city (it’s Germany’s fourth), was the Kolner Dom–Cologne’s Roman Catholic Cathedral. It was completed in 1880, 632 years after its construction began! My pictures do not do it justice. In fact, I am extremely disappointed with how my pictures turned out that day. I think it was the camera ; )

What you will gather from my pictures is the size of the cathedral. It is one of the world’s largest and the largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe. Fun fact: It was the largest structure for four years running until the completion of the Washington Monument. Aside from its eye-catching size, it also has beautifully intricate details (both inside and out) as well as 113 square meters of stained glass. In short, it is one massively beautiful sight.

The Koln area offers many churches for sightseers. Many are found in the vicinity of the Cologne Cathedral. We were not able to get a good view of many of them during our visit due to structure maintenance being done. We were, however, able to take in the bustling sites of the downtown area and indulge in some local cuisine.