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This morning we woke up and hit the pavement. We walked downtown to have brunch with some people from Brad’s work and their spouses. The food was good and the company was even better.

Brad and I both had an entree that included: 2 fried eggs, a few strips of bacon, a couple of sausage links, a couple pieces of deli sliced ham, a few fresh vegetables (cucumber, tomato and lettuce), a dollop of a yummy sour cream based spread with herbs, a basket of toast and other fresh breads, a couple of crepes with syrup, and a cup of coffee. A lot of food, right? I have to say that I am not a sausage person, but the links I tried today were really delicious. They weren’t all greasy like many of the breakfast sausages I have had in the States. The crepes were also fantastic. Light, with a hint of orange from the rind and drizzled with a thin syrup. Yum!

After brunch, we walked around downtown taking in the sights and snapping pictures. We made a pit stop into a little place that sold various chocolates, pastries, desserts as well as a variety of beverages that accompany them. I am not sure what the store was called, but its atmosphere was super elegant and romantic. Maybe I’ll get to go back for Valentine’s Day : )

On our walk back home, we stopped by the Commissary to gather a few things. Poor Brad had to carry two heavy packages of bottled water back to the hotel. Actually, I told him not to get the big bottles. Of course, the handle broke on one of the packages. Maybe one day he will take my advice and stop trying to test what my female intuition told him.

The last walk of the day included taking the boys across from the hotel to some open fields. Today was an excellent day for this-not to cold, not windy, and the sun was actually out. Laying here snuggled in bed watching t.v. with Brad. Tired and hoping I will sleep through the night : )