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Ahhh…Raleigh to Norfolk, VA. Although the shortest drive of the road trip, it seemed like one of the longest. Go figure. It did prove to be a sweet ending to our jumbo journey.

Our good-bye’s took longer than we had anticipated that morning, so that put us at Darin and Sara’s around 2 p.m. We caught a shy and quiet Jake who had just woken up from his nap. As we chatted with Sara, he slowly warmed up and was eventually glued to his Uncle Brad (as seen in the above picture) for the duration of our stay.

We didn’t have to wait long to greet Brendan and Alexia as they arrived home from school. It was so good to see them. It amazes me how quickly children grow and change. Time with them should truly be savored.

Our stay was wonderful and like most fun-filled things, it was short-lived. We shared good food (Mexican and fundue), movie night (Walt Disney’s “Up”-it’s a tearjerker), an¬†absurd amount of time on the iPad,¬†lots of laughs, and LOTS of tickles with the kids. We were also able to ship our car overseas via the POV processing center.

Leaving Virginia was like all the other places we visited-hard to leave. We had a lot of fun and love our family dearly. Our thoughts and prayers are with them always.