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The road to Raleigh seemed like it would never end. The 1, 000+ miles from Kansas to Raleigh had us yearning for a place to park for a few days (rest areas were not an option). Although happy to have missed the brutal snowstorm that pounded the south just days before we arrived, we were disappointed that there wasn’t any snow left for us to play in.

We arrived in the late afternoon and were grateful for the friendly faces (Aunt Nancy and Uncle Keith) that welcomed us. It was great being back in my hometown of Raleigh. Hard to believe my last visit was over five years ago. Boy, time flies.

Over the next five days, we would enjoy spending time with family, bringing in the new year, eating yummy food, reintroducing ourselves to nieces, nephews, and cousins that were too young to remember us, reuniting with friends dear to us, and just catching up on all that has happened the past five years. It was great seeing everyone and painful to leave them behind.