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After a few hours at Niagara Falls, we headed south. Our next destination would be Olathe, Kansas.

Due to the high mileage between NY and KS, we did stop for the night once we entered Indiana. The drive down was pretty uneventful. I shared some of the driving duty with Brad. During other times, I just enjoyed the scenery. Ohio was a beautiful state to drive through. Very clean. I also recall a huge sign mounted to a bridge that greeted us as we entered. That was welcoming since it deviated from the small welcome signs that are typically found on the side of the road. As far as Indiana and Illinois, they offered flat terrain with straight highway road. Once we entered Kansas, we encountered some snow. The drive through was also flat and inundated with various billboard advertisements.  The most noticeable difference was once we hit St. Louis. There were few drivers that were using their headlights. That made it extremely difficult to see while driving, especially in a car that offered no view out of the back.

Arriving in Olathe, we were greeted by our parents. It was great to see them and be home for Christmas. Over the next four days, we would soak in the company of family, watch a few quality Christian movies, celebrate the birth of our Lord, be treated to lunch and a show (“Sylvia” featuring Cindy Williams), and visit some of our favorite stores. Anna and I enjoyed browsing the local quilt and craft shops as well as the Christian Book store. Brad and Butch tackled Best Buy for some electrical/computer thingy and went to some other stores that sell that kind of boring stuff.

Our time in Kansas was fun and comfortable. We always enjoy our time there and are made to feel right at home. We were blessed to have our parents pray over us before we departed.