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One would think that packing up a one bedroom apartment would take three movers a few hours to complete, but not in our case. Our 4-5 hour job ended up taking 10 1/2 hours! It was quite the long day.

Brad and I were up early that day to finish organizing things for our road trip. We weren’t sure what time to expect the movers, but we were ready by 6:00 a.m. The company that was assigned to move us made an assessment of how many movers and crates to send based on the information Brad gave them (e.g. 1 bedroom apartment, 1 tandem kayak, and 4 bicycles). Our three guys arrived at 9 a.m. and determined their plan of action. After about 2 hours of packing, the guys no longer had room to stack the boxes in our small apartment. As they began to load the boxes on the moving truck, a steady snow began to fall. Their long walk to the truck would soon be an icy, slippery trail. That is when reinforcements were called in. Brad gathered salt and took to the walking path and the truck ramp. Additionally, an extra set of hands were “ordered” as well as another truck containing an extra crate. It turned out that that “over-the-phone assessment” was not accurate and we would need more room for our goods.

As the day progressed, it seemed like it would never end. For some reason, the movers worked diligently, but the progress seemed slow. I guess it was because we were anxious to get a start on our road trip. Brad and I had originally anticipated the movers being done by 4 p.m. at the latest. We did wait patiently, even though it was quite difficult not being able to assist the movers with the packing. Overall, we felt very blessed to have these guys come in and move us. Moving from a second floor is a tough job and I was happy not to have to do it.

By 8:00 that night, the car was packed and the apartment was empty…or so we thought. I was wiping down the kitchen when I felt a strong desire to open one of the bottom cabinets. You can imagine my surprise when I saw it full of kitchen items. I quickly summoned Brad. We quickly went into problem-solving mode. The main problem was that our car was packed full. So full, we could not see out of the back of it or open the hatch without items falling out (yeah, it was that tight). That meant we could not take the items with us. What to do? We had to be out of the apartment that night, so we had to do something with all that stuff. It was too late to donate the items and with our road trip planned, we could not wait on the movers picking the items up at a later date. So, as painful as it was, we ended up throwing away much of what was in that cabinet. Brad was able to pack my ceramic serving platters in his luggage. ¬†That was quite challenging since he had to unpack most of the car to do so. Thanks babe!

At that point, we were FINALLY ready to leave our apartment. Every household item we would need for the next couple of months was packed in our new home-the car. Physically tired, yet excited for the adventure ahead, we turned in our keys and turned on the highway.