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With the mover’s job complete and the car packed, we said good-bye to our Nashua address and hello to life on the road…

We were hoping to begin our trip earlier than 10:30 p.m., but we were at the mercy of our movers (you can read all about that story in my previous post). Feeling a little physically tired, but mentally alert, we stopped at McDonald’s to grab a couple of coffees. The goal was to take our time, yet make some headway on the 1,000+ miles that laid ahead. We also had to be especially cautious. The car was so full of stuff that we couldn’t see out of the back of it and a steady snow had been falling since mid-day. Well, we didn’t get as far as we thought we would. We were only able to drive for about 2 hours┬ábefore we found a hotel for the night.

Rested and ready for the miles ahead, we grabbed a coffee and a quick breakfast. Our next stop would be Niagara Falls, NY. The drive that day was pleasant. The roads had been cleared from the several inches that had fallen the previous day/night (we would eventually be greeted with that fresh snow as we arrived at the Falls).┬áBrad and I enjoyed some laughs and had time to really catch up with one another. We also got in a few German lessons via some downloaded Podcasts Brad had put on cd’s for our ride.

Upon our arrival, we found a parking lot about two blocks from the Visitor’s Center. We did have to pay for parking ($5), but we incurred no other charges during our visit. Approaching the Visitor’s Center, we could easily hear the power of the Falls. We stopped inside the Visitor’s Center to grab a map. The staff proved to be pleasant and quite helpful. We then headed out to the viewing area. That is where we were immersed into a winter wonderland. The Falls were absolutely beautiful! The surrounding white snow and ice enhanced the stunning turquoise color of the water that flowed. Even though it was bitterly cold, I highly recommend seeing the Falls during the winter months. I have had the opportunity to see the Falls in autumn, and I personally found them to be more beautiful surrounded by a wintery landscape. Another bonus of visiting in the “off season” is that some of the amenities that are usually available at a cost are actually free of charge.