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Today was a very SHORT walk with the dogs. I went for a nice run yesterday that only had a minor flip/fall. Yes I completely wiped out yesterday — must have watched too much wipeout on TV and tried to act it out. The good thing yesterday was the lack of bugs — and I didn’t even use bug spray. Well there were just a couple bugs, but since I was running they had trouble “sticking” to me.

Today was a whole different story! I lathered up with my OFF Deep Woods Sportsmen spray and took the dogs for a nice long walk. Well that is what I planned for anyway. Unfortunately about three minutes into the walk I was under attack. I could see the flies all around Bailey and Brandon. I could hear and feel the flies all around my head. I am sure I scored cool points with a sporadic mixture of fast walking, jogging, and sprinting — all the time wildly waving my arms all around my head. It was horrible. I must not have put on enough spray or these black flies don’t care too much about it.

I guess I’ll do a research on these critters and see if I can counter their attack next time. From what I hear the New Hampshire State perfume is something called OFF and Citronella. They also tell me the Black Fly is the State Bird….