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This was a very nice trip on a beautiful fall day. There were quite a few people out and about as it was Columbus Day.

Our trip down to Rhode Island was interesting as the road signs on the way were quite a mess. In our attempt to turn off and stop at a visitor’s center, we found ourselves on the way to Worcester, MA (that is the wrong direction for those not in New England). After 30 minutes we found a closed building so we retraced our path and got back on track. That was about 45 minutes wasted there. . .

We arrived around noon at the main visitor center in Newport, RI. Many of the tours were already booked so we decided to take a short walk and figure it out on our own. We headed toward the Cliff Walk and took several pictures along the way. Downtown Newport is very pretty.

When we arrived at the Cliff Walk which is even more amazing. By the way the Cliff Walk was repaired by the Army Corps of Engineers in the 1970’s. Along the walk you have the ocean on one side and some of the mansions on the other side.  The mansions are huge and the walk is very pleasant. The cool fall day made for perfect weather.

Two hours into our short walk we were just over two-thirds of the way down the path and pretty far from downtown. We found a place to exit and headed back toward downtown for a bite to eat. On our way toward downtown a lady asked us for some tips and directions. Her language led Deanna to correctly guess that she was from Canada. It must be her college training in speech or something.

Back in downtown Newport, we found a small grill with a wide range of food. Since we were so close to the ocean Deanna ordered a pulled pork sandwich and Brad order a blue cheese burger. I guess we weren’t in the mood for seafood….