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Our Story

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all…

Brad and I met one North Carolina evening waaaay back in the spring of ’97. He was a handsome military man and, I, a young student perfectly happy with single life. To my surprise though, he swept me off of my feet. Then the jerk moved to Arizona 2.5 months later to pursue a degree. He lured me there, we got married in a beautiful ceremony at the historic Arizona Inn, and we have been pretty happy ever since. 

Brad and I enjoyed a life of outdoor adventure and travel for much of our marriage. While living in Germany in 2011, we began a new adventure with the birth of our first child, Nathan. We have since added Owen and Emilia to our lives and are so happy to be their parents. Raising our children is the biggest adventure we’ve faced, but we’re doing it together and loving every minute (mostly ; ) .

Wild at Heart

Last week, our kind-hearted, bright, brave, innovative and oh so daring Owen turned three years young! Turning three is such an important time in childhood--the transition from toddlerhood to a preschooler. I always say I don't want to wish time away, but I am...

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Owen Turns 3!

This past week, we celebrated Owen as he turned three years young! I love birthdays (and holidays in general), so I love to plan and prepare things to make Brad and the kids feel extra special on their day. This past week was no different. Owen's special day was...

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Learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

We live in such a great community! When we moved in last year, we learned that of the many classes and events offered at the Community Center, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was one of them. This kids-only class is taught by an experienced coach that lives right here in our...

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Idaho Nachos

Yes, we just had that for dinner. I don't even know if the term Idaho Nachos is real -- But we really ate it. After having a potato taquito from Enriques, Deanna had to give her version of a potato nacho a try. It was actually pretty good. Nathan said it was...

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Owen loves boxes

Those Amazon boxes can be ridiculous sometimes. We've literally had a giant box with a tiny little purchase in it before. The good thing is that we make use of those boxes and Owen really loves them. This one fit a mini crib mattress perfectly!

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Bad Orange Juice?

What is happing with that orange juice? -- Nathan (with a sour face after chugging some grapefruit juice)

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Three Months Young!

It is so hard to believe that three whole months have passed since Emilia was born! A lot has happened in those three months, but that is for another post--this one is about our sweet, little Emi... At three months young, Emilia is healthy as can be. We are so blessed...

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