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Our Story

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all…

Brad and I met one North Carolina evening waaaay back in the spring of ’97. He was a handsome military man and, I, a young student perfectly happy with single life. To my surprise though, he swept me off of my feet. Then the jerk moved to Arizona 2.5 months later to pursue a degree. He lured me there, we got married in a beautiful ceremony at the historic Arizona Inn, and we have been pretty happy ever since. 

Brad and I enjoyed a life of outdoor adventure and travel for much of our marriage. While living in Germany in 2011, we began a new adventure with the birth of our first child, Nathan. We have since added Owen and Emilia to our lives and are so happy to be their parents. Raising our children is the biggest adventure we’ve faced, but we’re doing it together and loving every minute (mostly ; ) .

Owen loves boxes

Those Amazon boxes can be ridiculous sometimes. We've literally had a giant box with a tiny little purchase in it before. The good thing is that we make use of those boxes and Owen really loves them. This one fit a mini crib mattress perfectly!

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Bad Orange Juice?

What is happing with that orange juice? -- Nathan (with a sour face after chugging some grapefruit juice)

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Three Months Young!

It is so hard to believe that three whole months have passed since Emilia was born! A lot has happened in those three months, but that is for another post--this one is about our sweet, little Emi... At three months young, Emilia is healthy as can be. We are so blessed...

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This past weekend was full of visitors to our home...none of which we knew. Our fabulous realtor, Teresa Harbert, was busy entertaining those who stopped by to view our house that we just placed on the market. We are happy to report that all of her mingling and...

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On the Move

We've been in the Portland area about 2.5 years now...that means it's time to move again! If you know Brad and me, then you know we don't stay in one place for a particularly long time. Although we do enjoy the adventure of living in a new place and embrace the change...

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Growing boys in a sandbox

A little fun at the park is a requirement when the sun comes out in Oregon. So the boys went to park and dug in the sand. They really dug their heels in when it was time to go ;)  

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Arts and crafts with dad

It is such a blessing to sit here and say "Alexa, play Bach." and then enjoy some coloring with a 19th month old. I was sure Bach triggered some inner artist in this wild child until I saw he had eaten the tip off the marker only to color with purple spit.

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An Answered Prayer

After a year of hoping and praying that God would bless us with one more little Schweitzer, we are happy to announce that He has! We are obviously overjoyed and feel very blessed to be parents again. Nathan is pretty excited too. We think it was his added prayers just...

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Nate and His Dog

On Wednesday, we took our Chocolate Lab, Brandon, in for his annual check-up. It is hard to believe our sweet Choco Bear turned fifteen just last month. He's hanging in there though. Aside from the normal signs of aging (hearing loss, macular degeneration, stiff...

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