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Into the Wind…

This past weekend, we had some crazy high winds in our area. Well, that gave us the great idea to head out and fly some kites. You can probably already imagine how that went... Saturday seemed like a good day for kite flying. The temperature outside was unusually...

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Finally, Some Sun!

Since Nathan didn't have to return to school until Wednesday this past week, that gave us two whole days to goof off together. Fortunately, one of those days was filled with bright, beautiful, vitamin D filled, mood boosting, I want to sing Hallelujah! sunshine. So,...

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Nathan’s First Bowling Adventure

Do you ever go bowling? For us, it is something we do after a long period of time has passed only to ask ourselves, "Why don't we do this more often?". Bowling truly is a fun activity and it turns out that it is even more fun when a little person is involved. On...

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Our Last Weekend of 2014

Cabin fever. It is something we have been feeling lately here in Germany. Cold, rainy days paired with our geriatric dog (who can't be left alone for very long) have had us longing for the days when we could just head outdoors and explore. Well, this past weekend...

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This past weekend, we celebrated Nikolaustag. Saint Nicholas Day is observed on December 6 here in Germany and in many Western European countries. Saint Nicholas, or Nikolaos of Myra, was known during his time for being kind and generous, giving to those in need, and...

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Domäne Mechtildshausen

When we are in the mood for visiting with farm animals (which seems like every other week), we venture to Die Domäne Mechtildhausen. There are so many great things about this place! It is not only a beautiful spot just adjacent to the airfield in Wiesbaden, but free...

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Bereit für Die Schule

It's time. It has taken me the better part of this year to come to terms with Nathan leaving the nest to begin school part time, but it is time. I will still provide the same nurturing environment that we call home, but the enrichment of learning Deutsch and the...

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Ponyland Ebental

Nathan loves animals. He doesn't necessarily love to touch animals, so I was really impressed that he actually rode one of the small ponies at our local Ponyland. I was even more impressed that such a place even exists! This place is such a treat. Aside from the pony...

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