We are a family of three currently residing in the Rheingau region of Germany. We have been here three years and feel really blessed to have the opportunity to live in Europe.  

Brad is a busy man. He holds down a full-time job, is completing his MBA and builds websites in his spare time. Any extra time is dedicated to his family, cycling (usually to work) and an online strategy game that he likes to play. He also enjoys kayaking and fishing, although those things have not been available to him while living in Germany (fishing is expensive and areas for kayaking are limited).

Deanna is captain of the mommyship (really–visit her website here). She is a full-time mommy and (at the moment) occasional blogger (visit her other website here). When she is not chasing her busy toddler or organizing the home, she enjoys trying new vegan recipes, creating activities with and for her toddler, playing the guitar and piano (not at the same time!), gardening, reading and watching documentaries. She also enjoys finding ways for her family to live as green and toxin-free as possible.

Nathan is our amazing two year old. He loves to run, jump, climb, play with trains, listen and dance to music and be tickled. Laughing is probably his favorite and he LOVES Curious George. He’s got to have “Georgie”.

Brandon is our Chocolate Lab. He is an old man, but still loves to play fetch with a tennis ball. Our son adores him and we couldn’t ask for a more calm-natured, ridiculously sweet, kid-friendly dog.