Here are a few words and a bunch of photos from the famous Eisenhower Aircraft Carrier Tiger Cruise with Darin and Brendan. The Schweitzer boys spent a few days at sea on an impressive aircraft carrier – this was pretty fascinating. Brendan and I were allowed to ride on the Eisenhower Aircraft Carrier from Florida to Virginia as Darin was on his way home. Brendan, Brad and a thousand others boarded the ship in Florida and cruised up to Virgina with a portion of the remaining sailors.

We waited for the ship to arrive. Brendan wanted to make sure he was as patriotic as possible. He did a pretty good job at it here!

We ate the yummy food. Brendan loved the ice cream. Too bad one night he ate too much of it and “spilled” some on the hangar bay deck.Eating Ice Cream on the Aircraft Carrier

We slept in the cozy beds. Darin showed us how to keep the cool air flowing by positioning the curtain with a gap at both end.

We watched the jets take off and land. While we stood on the flight deck the jets launched, helicopters flew by, special ops guys fast roped in, and the sun beat on us.Jets taking off from the Aircraft Carrier

The the jets also flew right overhead. I mean right over our heads….Jets right over our heads on the Aircraft Carrier

We hung out on the fantail and watched the water rush by. This was a great place to wrap up a long sunny day….Standing on tail the Aircraft Carrier

We watched for other ships in the sea…and we saw a few. At one point we watched a supply ship restock us.Eating Ice Cream on the Aircraft Carrier

We wandered through the ship on self guided tours (at high speed). It is amazing how large the ship is and we only saw a little part of it.Exploring the Aircraft Carrier

And we waited around . . . Just like they do in all branches of military (Hurry up and wait)Standing by on the Aircraft Carrier

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